Senior Emma Baker (left) as Emma and senior Will Schmidt (right) as Carl perform in “Rain Came to Mayfield,” directed by senior Redding Baker. Photo courtesy of Redding Baker.

“Rain Came to Mayfield” dissects identity, family, racism

Trevor Flynn November 30, 2012

Tonight and tomorrow night in the Attic Theatre "And the Rain Came to Mayfield" premieres, a student production tackling themes of identity, family and racism in a small town in 1960s Mississippi. The...

First year Jasmin Weber (left) as Solange and senior Caitlin Bayer (right) as Claire exchange words in the student-directed performance of “The Maids.” Photo by Jack Newman.

“The Maids” offers an inside look at the lives of servants

Trevor Flynn October 19, 2012

This weekend, students may take an opportunity to get some answers behind the eerie white eyes that they might have glimpsed on posters scattered around campus. On it two creepy maids, mirror images...

Agnes Eggling (Junior Lisa Ashby) and Gregor Bazwald (Senior Kauveh Khozein) sit and ponder over the changes that will be taking place since Hitler has been appointed chancellor, and how it will affect their lives as German citizens. Photo by James Shultz.

“A Bright Room Called Day” opens tonight at 8 p.m.

Trevor Flynn September 28, 2012

With the upcoming election, the stage is set for Trinity Theatre's production of Tony Kushner's political thriller "A Bright Room Called Day" to open this weekend. This fact is made all the more...

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