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The Student News Site of Trinity University


“Mummies of the World” unwrapped at Witte

Paul Cuclis October 5, 2012

Eerie music plays out of hidden speakers, the lights are dimmed low and all about the room people either speak with hushed voices or remain mute. Whether this willed silence is the result of astonishment...

Ten ways to prepare yourself for winter

Sara Marchionda October 5, 2012

As the cold winds begin to draft under your door, the rain dampens your spirits on the way to class and the Richardson Communication building remains at approximately 50 degrees, it is becoming clear that...

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is awkwardly written and unoriginal

Krista Campolo October 5, 2012

I won't lie. When I heard about this book "Fifty Shades of Grey," I knew I was going to read it. In fact, I wanted to "¦ really badly. So I went out and borrowed the book (because I can't rightfully justify...

“Fifty Shades” is a defining book of this generation

John Mendiola October 5, 2012

"Fifty Shades of Grey," written by E.L. James, is currently the fastest-selling paperback of all time, furiously beating Harry Potter (if only he used his wand for something other than shooting dementors)....

Taking a test flight with three drama pilots

Donald Dimick October 5, 2012

With a host of new network dramas premiering in recent weeks, it's easy to waste hours of your busy week trying out shows that you'll never want or need to watch again. To help you balance your busy schedule...

At the San Antonio Zoo you can do many things with your family including feeding these colorful Lories from your hand.

Family time in and around San Antonio

Paul Cuclis September 28, 2012

Family weekend is coming up, and those that have relatives coming into San Antonio are probably starting to wonder where they should take their parents and siblings. Here are just a few suggestions...

Emmy winners and losers

Donald Dimick September 28, 2012

Last Sunday was the 64th annual airing of the Primetime Emmy Awards on ABC. A step up from the last time ABC aired the awards, when they used five reality show hosts such as Tom Bergeron (Dancing With...

Blurring the line between politics and pop culture

Sara Marchionda September 28, 2012

A couple of recent odd instances of celebrities endorsing politicians have spurred further investigation on the topic. The merging of pop culture and politics, although slightly frightening in some respects,...

Features that will never make it to the iPhone

John Mendiola September 28, 2012

Disclaimer: The Cult of Apple should steer clear away from this article. I'd tell you to go find another article but that might be difficult with the new iOS6 maps. Much has been said about Apple and...

Making a long distance relationship work

Krista Campolo September 28, 2012

Before I delve into this touchy and emotional topic, I first want all of my readers to be aware that I did originally plan on making this article a serious one. All about how you and your significant other...

San Antonio farmers markets

Paul Cuclis September 21, 2012

Have you ever bitten into a really good tomato? I don't mean that watery perfect-looking tomato you buy at H-E-B or get on your sandwich at Subway; I mean that fresh tomato that has all sorts of defects...

New permanent SNL cast members from left to right: Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and Cecily Strong.

Five problems SNL faces to stay relevant

Donald Dimick September 21, 2012

This past weekend, "Saturday Night Live" returned for its 38th season. The episode was well received by critics, but with the recent changes to the show itself and television in general, the show...