Unqualified and Unsolicited Advice

Unqualified and Unsolicited Advice

Georgie Riggs May 2, 2019

At a school as small as ours, you may feel like an insider before you even arrive. How large can a campus of 2,500 really be? The truth though, of course, is that you’re but a small cub in the metaphorical...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut


Georgie Riggs April 11, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutAries - Chili Queens Cookoff, April 28I know that you crave drama, competition and hot things, fire signs. This unconventional Fiesta event celebrating all things tacky will...

Beatrice Coron Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Cut a space for yourself in the art world

Georgie Riggs March 21, 2019

Photo by Matthew Claybrook“There are a lot of ways to cut paper as there are a lot of ways to tell stories,” said Beatrice Coron, beginning her artist talk in Ruth Taylor Recital Hall on March...

Opinions: Just Google Them

Opinions: Just Google Them

Will Melbourne March 10, 2019

I arrived a few minutes late to the finale of the Trinity Mainstage production of “The Wolves” on Saturday night, only to be bombarded by talks of Cambodian dictators and feminine hygiene products....

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Triniscopes: Rooming edition

Georgie Riggs February 28, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutAriesOh, Aries. Nothing is complete without a battle for you. Always ready to confront, you’ve probably never had a problem with getting your thoughts across. But next...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Valentine’s Day Triniscopes

Georgie Riggs February 6, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutAries — Ruth Taylor Theatre Building You are the archetypical passionate fire sign, Aries — always looking out for your next big obsession. But have you tried looking...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Fyre Fest FOMO extends futher than you would expect

Georgie Riggs February 3, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutIf you know, you know, you know? This seems to be the constant energy logging into Twitter after a Netflix new release. In the past few months, if you haven’t been up...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Overcoming film season overload

Georgie Riggs January 23, 2019

Every awards season I feel like a fake fan. Scanning through the list of nominated films, I'm always struck by the same question: Did I even watch a movie last year? I did, in fact, watch at least one...

To all the rom-coms Ive loved before

To all the rom-coms I’ve loved before

Georgie Riggs August 29, 2018

I've watched enough rom-coms to say that I've seen at least one every four months I've been alive. In simpler terms, that's 67 romantic comedies. It's not enough to make me an expert, but it's enough for...


I love dogs, not “Isle of Dogs”

Georgie Riggs April 11, 2018

The hardest part of watching a movie with significant hype is avoiding disappointment. Hype comes from both from outside sources and personal expectations, and it can cause you to not even be able to enjoy...

Thursdays arent for Bays anymore or ThurzBays vs. ThursGays

Thursdays aren’t for Bays anymore or ThurzBays vs. ThursGays

Georgie Riggs April 4, 2018

Bombay Bicycle Club, the small, pub-style restaurant close to Pizza Classics by Brackenridge Park, used to be the buzziest way to spend your Thursday night. ThursBays, or Thirsty Thursdays, may no longer...

File photo.

The good, bad and ugly of San Antonio

Historical and Cultural Good: McNay Art Museum This 24-room Spanish colonial-revival house turned art museum is really an artwork in itself. Wander around the maze of paintings, drawings, sculptures...

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