Unqualified and Unsolicited Advice

Unqualified and Unsolicited Advice

Georgie Riggs May 2, 2019
A senior reflects on the best ways to get out of the bubble — the good, the bad and the boozy
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut


Georgie Riggs April 11, 2019
What Fiesta event should you attend based on your sign?
Beatrice Coron Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Cut a space for yourself in the art world

Georgie Riggs March 21, 2019
Artist Beatrice Coron offers insight into career of papercutting
Opinions: Just Google Them

Opinions: Just Google Them

Will Melbourne March 10, 2019
A response to “Let’s throw it to ‘The Wolves’”
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Triniscopes: Rooming edition

Georgie Riggs February 28, 2019
Feeling reflective this housing season? Read our horoscopist’s take straight from the stars
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Valentine’s Day Triniscopes

Georgie Riggs February 6, 2019
Where you will meet your campus soulmate based on your star sign
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Fyre Fest FOMO extends futher than you would expect

Georgie Riggs February 3, 2019
The release of two documentaries in the past month over failed music festival entertains, but at what cost?
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Overcoming film season overload

Georgie Riggs January 23, 2019
On frustration at the thought of an Oscars without Paddington
To all the rom-coms Ive loved before

To all the rom-coms I’ve loved before

Georgie Riggs August 29, 2018
The genre is back, but is it what we wanted?

I love dogs, not “Isle of Dogs”

Georgie Riggs April 12, 2018

The hardest part of watching a movie with significant hype is avoiding disappointment. Hype comes from both from outside sources and personal expectations, and it can cause you to not even be able to enjoy...

Thursdays arent for Bays anymore or ThurzBays vs. ThursGays

Thursdays aren’t for Bays anymore or ThurzBays vs. ThursGays

Georgie Riggs April 4, 2018

Bombay Bicycle Club, the small, pub-style restaurant close to Pizza Classics by Brackenridge Park, used to be the buzziest way to spend your Thursday night. ThursBays, or Thirsty Thursdays, may no longer...

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The good, bad and ugly of San Antonio

Historical and Cultural Good: McNay Art Museum This 24-room Spanish colonial-revival house turned art museum is really an artwork in itself. Wander around the maze of paintings, drawings, sculptures...

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