Valentine’s Day Triniscopes


Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Aries — Ruth Taylor Theatre Building

You are the archetypical passionate fire sign, Aries — always looking out for your next big obsession. But have you tried looking behind the curtain, both figuratively and literally? Focus within on what you really want beyond the first sparks and you might just find the one.

Taurus — Your Dorm’s Lounge

Oh, Taurus. Have you added up how many plans you canceled this week to stay in bed? If it’s over five, maybe it’s time to venture out of your room. You’re a homebody by nature and probably wouldn’t leave your comfort zone unless you were guaranteed good results. But what’s the harm in just down the hall?

Gemini — The Commons

Did you almost put “good vibes only” in your Tinder bio only to delete it, Gemini, worried at how it may affect your cool persona? This is the season of love, air sign. Don’t let your need for the hottest goss get in your way. If you ask them for coffee and take it upstairs, you can still hear the sound carry from downstairs anyways.

Cancer — Meditation Garden

Cancer, I know you are still exhausted from baking eight different types of cookies this winter break for your loved ones. Your heart can give so much, but what does it take? Let the sound of fountains into your life, water sign. Across the chapel hedges you’ll find divinity — and hopefully a pair of eyes to match.

Leo — Chapman

Do you find yourself constantly looking for ways to lead, Leo? Even if you’re not, you should take a breather. Let the cutie across from you in history class raise their hand first this time. Compliment their comment after class. Ask to have your first date in your favorite classroom that no one else knows about.

Virgo — Students + Startups Speed Interview

Always looking for the next move has brought you great rewards, Virgo. But what’s fun about all work and no play? When you get to the top you won’t want to be alone. Keep in mind who’s the best fit in the longer-term. Think of the color of their eyes. Grab a sharpie. Write it down on top of your Clifton StrengthsQuest number one.

Libra — CSI

Working hard or hardly working, Libra? Who’s to say, really. Put down the test tube for a second and take a look around you. Don’t you need to grab an almond milk from the CSI Pod anyways? When you do, pick up a chocolate bar to split. When you see them, they will ask for your other half.

Scorpio — An I Chi party

Are you waiting for it, Scorpio? The red light in that bathroom, do you want it? We get it — you’re as mysterious as you are misunderstood. But it’s Cupid’s season now, so put down the Ouija board for a minute. Wear pink instead of red for once. You can still have a penchant for everything dark when you’re in love.

Sagittarius — Chocolate Fest

Enthusiastic to a fault, you wouldn’t miss a campus event for the world, Sagittarius. Across the esplanade you’ll see a special someone wearing maroon. You’re busy tabling — but when you get a chance, sneak an extra treat for them. Afterwards, take the elevator down with them. Compliment them on their school pride.

Capricorn — Personal Finance Class

It’s not easy being as practical as you, Capricorn. Have you considered doing something downright frivolous lately? Next class, ask the person with the sexiest personal budgeting skills in class out for an ice cream. I know you won’t take them to Lick, but why not splurge on Baskin Robbins?

Aquarius — Magic Stones

Put away the tinfoil hat, Aquarius, and press pause on your latest YouTube obsession. Have you ventured outside the library all day? Leave your backpack in a blue pod. Collect your thoughts in a spare notebook on an adirondack chair. Place it in the middle of the stones. By sunset, they’ll be yours.

Pisces — Storch Garden

How long have you mourned the butterflies of the fall, Pisces? Has the thought of spring flowers gone to your head? Go read your long, dense, political science reading for tomorrow. After class, allow yourself to stare at a cloud behind the tower. When you look down, you won’t believe what’s before you.