Greg Abbott: The least pro-life governor

Greg Abbott: The least pro-life governor

Colin Houston, Opinion Columnist September 29, 2022

When millions of Texans cast their ballots on Nov. 8, Greg Abbott should pray voters don’t look too closely at his “pro-life” label. He touts it endlessly, with empty platitudes such as declaring...

photo by Amani Canada

Primary election season: Here’s the rundown

Manfred Wendt January 31, 2018

The spring of every year is marked by two things: the arrival of the Masters and the beginning of primary elections. The United States is a two-party political system; Republicans and Democrats who battle...

illustration by Yessenia Lopez

Clashing shades of red

Manfred Wendt August 30, 2017

The Republican primary in Texas has a reputation for being a bloody, polarizing affair. A primary is an election held before the general election by parties to determine who will be their nominee for the...

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