2021 Texas Art Biennial on view at five museums across the state

2021 Texas Art Biennial on view at five museums across the state

Exhibition combines contemporary artworks from Texas-based and non-Texas-based artists
Ashley Allen, Arts Columnist October 14, 2021

The 2021 Texas Art Biennial, titled A New Landscape, A Possible Horizon, puts some of the latest, most innovative contemporary art on view at five art galleries and museums across San Antonio and Houston...

McNay Art Museum hosts Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art

McNay Art Museum hosts “Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art”

Looking to support more female artists? The McNay's newest exhibition has you covered
Ashley Allen, Arts Columnist March 23, 2021

Having some trouble naming five women artists? You wouldn’t be the only one. Women have historically been at the disadvantage in the history of Western art. To combat this, we need to educate ourselves...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Who? What? Wear? of Trinity

Rachel Poovathoor February 7, 2019

Photo by Genevieve Humphreys"It’s very easy for people to see people who design costumes as 'She’s just a woman who sews,' " said Jodi Karjala, the costume designer and costumer for the Department...

Experiencing Dario Robletos Ancient Beacons Long for Notice

Experiencing Dario Robleto’s “Ancient Beacons Long for Notice”

Calliope Izquierdo September 5, 2018

The McNay Art Museum presented an exhibition by Houston-based artist Dario Robleto titled “Ancient Beacons Long for Notice,” which will run until Oct. 7. As the title suggests, the exhibit...

Illustration Yessenia Lopez

“˜Nightmare Before Christmas’ exhibit haunts the McNay

Abigail Wharton October 3, 2017

This holiday season, the McNay Art Museum gives us all a chance to take a turn down memory lane with an immersive installation of original sets, character puppets and sculpture pieces used in the production...

Graphic by Tyler Herron

Rashaad Newsome brings black and LGBTQ+ empowerment to San Antonio

Abigail Wharton August 22, 2017

The Harlem ballroom scene, voguing and New Orleans bounce music are hallmark traditions of LGBTQ+ history. They are also key thematic pieces in Rashaad Newsome's body of work. Though not something you...

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