Students seek aid for burnout

Students seek aid for burnout

Chapel Spiritual Life can provide a safe space for internal conflicts
Ivanna Bass Caldera, News Reporter April 14, 2022

This semester, Trinity University held spring break from March 5 – 13, the earliest spring break that has been held in several years. Although it had already been set on an earlier date, it came sooner...

The hardest battle

The hardest battle

Trinity’s newest organization, The Hidden Opponent, prioritizes mental health for athletes
Caleb Reed, Sports Reporter April 7, 2022

In a moment that stunned the world, gymnastics superstar Simone Biles stepped up for a seemingly routine run at the vault during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. While in the air, she experienced the “Twisties”...

Opinion: Mental Health vs playing through the pain

Opinion: Mental Health vs playing through the pain

While discussions on mental health change, athletic culture still prioritizes performance over people
Alejandra Gerlach, Sports Reporter October 21, 2021

1996. Atlanta. It’s the Olympic Games, and USA gymnast Kerri Strug is stepping up to her mark for her first vault attempt. A sub-par performance by a teammate meant that it was up to 18-year-old Strug...

The harsh reality of the tortured artist

The harsh reality of the “tortured artist”

Great pain makes great art — but at what cost?
Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist October 7, 2021

Great pain makes great art. There is no doubt about it. At some point in my childhood, I spent several hours a day practicing the piano in preparation for competitions and examinations, squeezing that...

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Morning/night routine for unplugging

Yukiko Yamazaki November 4, 2020

illustration by Gracen HoyleOne of the things I miss most about living on campus is spending most of my time in proximity to others. Having a roommate and suitemates, the ritual of getting ready in the...

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

The harm in upholding pre-pandemic measures of success

Dana Nichols November 4, 2020

illustration by Gracen HoyleIn almost every single class I’ve had over the past three weeks, each of my professors has addressed how overwhelmed and drained we are — students and faculty alike....

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Just because you’re hurting does not mean you can hurt others

Shelby Sperling October 21, 2020

illustration by Kate NuelleSo you’ve had a bad day, or maybe even a bad month. Heck, maybe you’re having a bad year. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Whether you struggle with...

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Life lessons learned from inside a psych ward

Savannah Wahlgren September 10, 2020

Trigger warning for suicide, self-harm and eating disordersI’ve found that most people have an extremely inaccurate idea of what life inside a psychiatric hospital looks like. People think that...

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The toll of a pandemic on mental health, self–image

Dana Nichols September 10, 2020

There's so much to be anxious about right now. As someone with chronic anxiety, yes, that's always my opinion, but for many of us there really is more to be anxious about than ever before: our classes,...

Are the “real world” and health compatible?

Editorial Board September 10, 2020

Health and wellness are of utmost importance right now. We as a community have talked so much about physical health that mental health often takes a backseat to our discussions about well-being. Here at...

Bored at home? Embrace it.

Bored at home? Embrace it.

Logan Crews April 30, 2020

Illustration by Genevieve Humphreys If I see one more social media post with the caption, “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored,” I think I might lose my mind. But...

This sucks. Now what? Or, how 20 years of therapy informs my pandemic response

This sucks. Now what? Or, how 20 years of therapy informs my pandemic response

Sarah Erickson April 24, 2020

Illustration by Ren Rader As many of you already know, I have lived with severe depression for the majority of my life. And, like many of you, my depression is definitely triggered by our current uncertain...

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