Shifting to thrifting

Shifting to thrifting

Thrift stores in San Antonio captivate the public to enjoy thrifting, while being environmentally friendly
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter October 6, 2022

Thrifting has become a trend among many individuals in the past few years, especially those in younger generations. The vintage, affordable, aesthetic and second-hand use appeal of the practice has led...

The rise of buying second-hand

The rise of buying second-hand

Here are 3 San Antonio thrift stores to diversify your wardrobe on a budget
Ayden Smith, Arts Reporter March 31, 2022

We all know a college student’s budget is tight. We are those students who look for dinner deals, sales and discounts, so it’s no surprise that thrifting has become popular among college students....

Take action against climate change

Take action against climate change

Editorial Board September 22, 2019

Everyone wants to save the environment. Or at least, everyone who believes our world climate is changing wants to save the environment. We've stopped using straws. We've turned to composting and secondhand...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

What to know about what we wear

Natalia Salas February 28, 2019
A brief introduction to the pitfalls of fast fashion
Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Best Resale Shop: Boysville Auxiliary Thrift

Alexandra Parris January 31, 2019

graphic by Alex ParrisThe first thing you'll notice about Boysville Auxiliary Thrift when you walk in the door is how spacious and open it is. Located just across the street from the Olmos Park H-E-B,...

Best For Trinity 2018

Best For Trinity 2018

Editorial Staff January 17, 2018

Winner: Bird Bakery Finalists: Bakery Lorraine, Nothing Bundt Cakes OK, I get it — the cupcakes are delicious. The tables are twee. And the latte is filled with enough sugar to make it more dessert...

Alexandra Uri poses in one of three outfits she found on her thrifting adventure. photo by Amani Canada

Get ready to (thrift) shop until you drop

Alexandra Uri September 21, 2017

Shopping can be such a wonderful experience. For many people, like myself, it can be a time to focus only on yourself and treat yourself to things that make you happy. There's nothing quite like finding...

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