Best Resale Shop: Boysville Auxiliary Thrift


Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

graphic by Alex Parris

The first thing you’ll notice about Boysville Auxiliary Thrift when you walk in the door is how spacious and open it is. Located just across the street from the Olmos Park H-E-B, this thrift store avoids the closed-off, claustrophobic feel many other thrift stores tend to have. The open concept with ample natural lighting is just one thing that makes Boysville the Best for Trinity.

Like most thrift stores, the stuff that’s inside really depends on the day. When you’re working off donations, a store is limited in what they can sell. Boysville, however, consistently kills it when it comes to displaying the best merchandise they have on offer. And they have a lot! From ample men’s business attire to a used book section to rival Half Price Books, there’s something for everyone.

Whenever I go to thrift stores, I like checking out all the old knick-knacks that are for sale. Some pretty interesting stuff can wind up on those shelves. On my last trip to Boysville, I picked up a green-glass perfume bottle from 1978, a cool brass and wood “No Smoking” sign and a hefty shot glass with a mysterious “TF” written on it. In terms of my weird knick-knack standards? An excellent find. No wonder Boysville Auxiliary Thrift is Best for Trinity!