Best Coffee Shop: Summer Moon


graphic by Alex Parris

Summer Moon Coffee Bar, serving up unique coffee and sitting squarely at 3233 North Saint Mary’s Street, a whopping five minutes from campus, is the coffee shop best for Trinity.

Close enough to walk to but far enough to break free of the campus bubble — the location doesn’t have the prettiest architecture, but its area more than makes up for the squat complex Summer Moon resides within.

Inside, there’s a cozy mix of industrial and woodsy aesthetics excellent for studying or chilling — be warned, however, that seating is limited, and you might get exiled to sip coffee under the bright fluorescence of the Tri-Point center that Summer Moon opens into. My recommendation is to visit in their off-time, though Summer Moon has a drive-through for the desperate.

The main attraction — the coffee itself — is, to put it plainly, super friggin’ tasty.

Moon milk? Did Artemis make you? Because this creamy concoction may well be nectar. If you like your coffee rich, there’s the full moon. If you prefer something more subtle, there’s a gradient of phases available to tailor your drink. Wintermoon and Moon Glacier expand options to iced coffee and coffee-blend, respectively. There are even non-dairy options of moon milk for y’all earthy folk.