Best Mexican Restaurant: Mama’s Kitchen


Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

graphic by Alex Parris

Mama’s Kitchen, Trinity students’ favorite Mexican restaurant, boasts “110 percent Mexican food.” Located in a strip mall on Hildebrand just four minutes west of Trinity, Mama’s Kitchen is a small local restaurant. It offers dozens of extremely affordable and high-quality options and is a must-visit for any Trinity student looking for a Mexican breakfast with variety and quality beyond Taco Taco.

Inside, Mama’s Kitchen plays 80s hits, almost as if it can sense our hesitation to opt for something other than Mabee dining. Its interior is cozy and small with rust-colored walls. It’s still decorated with Christmas ornaments along the windows and plastic Christmas-themed tablecloths, and the menus look like they were typed with Microsoft Office 98. The aesthetic practically begs foodies to label it “authentic.” The food lives up to its 110 percent proclamation and seems to be a local favorite; Mama’s Kitchen was completely packed during Saturday breakfast. Stop by early to get a table.

For Trinity students, Mama’s Kitchen is the perfect stop to get delicious food and some bang for your buck. Breakfast tacos are $0.99, and you can get a large plate of huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, enchiladas or practically anything on the menu without breaking 10 dollars.