Best Ice Cream: Amy’s Ice Creams


Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

graphic by Alex Parris

Conveniently located in the Quarry Market, Amy’s Ice Creams offers flavors from dark chocolate to amaretto and always keeps at least one vegan option on the menu. After choosing your size and ice cream flavor, you can also pick from a variety of “crush-ins” to add to the mix. In my humble opinion, fresh strawberries and chocolate chips in chocolate ice cream is the way to go, but the weirder folks among us may opt for something like gummy bears in coffee ice cream. It’s okay; the workers won’t judge your life choices. Instead, they will happily take out their silver paddles, plop some beautiful ice cream on the counter and mix or crush in whichever ingredients your heart desires.

When you’re paying for your ice cream, be sure to leave a tip in one of the two tip jars, one of which currently says something like “I am sticking to my New Years’ resolutions!” and the other of which says you failed. Putting some change in the “I failed” jar is both a chance to stay humble and give some money to the nice ice cream people.

Yes, stressed college students love all ice cream, but Trinity students have a special place in their hearts for Amy’s. Its creative tip jars, friendly staff and wide range of options truly make it the Best for Trinity.