Oh the places you’ll go


As the chaos of moving in starts to wind down and as classes and university events begin, you might find yourself lost on your new school grounds. Opening a campus map is usually a reliable way to figure out where you’re going, but there are several spots on campus you should know about that a map might not help you find.

The POD:
On the days when the idea of eating another meal in the dining hall just doesn’t sound very appealing, students can find a variety of dining options at the POD, located directly next to Mabee Dining Hall. With choices ranging from energy drinks and favorite snacks to made-to-order meals, the POD is a necessary source of food and drink for the hungry college student. The POD Express, a smaller version of this grocery, can be found on the second floor of the Center for the Sciences and Innovation.

Mailroom and Packaging Center:
Whether you’re anticipating a letter from home or a care package from your parents, at some point you’ll have to pick up your mail. Trinity has two locations to pick up two different types of mail. For letters or paper mail, students should go to the mailroom, located in the Tiger’s Den. For packages, students should go to the package processing center located directly next to the Prassel parking garage.

Upper campus and lower campus:
Trinity’s campus is divided by the dreaded cardiac hill, and two general terms are applied to the split campus. Upper campus refers to the part of the school located at the top of cardiac hill; it is generally the location of academic buildings, while lower campus is the part of campus located at the bottom of cardiac hill. It is the area containing residence halls and Mabee Dining Hall.

Coates Library:
Where else are you going to spend late nights working on that paper you totally started the night before it was due? Located on upper campus next to CSI is the university library. Stocked with thousands of books on all subjects imaginable, the library is an ideal, quiet place to be diligent with schoolwork. The library has several amenities to offer productive students, including a coffee shop, writing center and study rooms you can reserve to have maximum focus while you work. Coates library has four floors, each with a different appropriate noise level.
Coates University Center: Located on the esplanade, right at the top of cardiac hill, is Coates. Coates offers several other dining options in the commons, located on the first floor of the building, on the days when you’re not craving Mabee; these options include Einstein Bros. Bagels, Taco Taco Café and now Freshii, among other choices.

Mabee Dining Hall:
You’ll have to use those meal swipes at some point! The infamous Mabee Dining Hall is located directly next to the Witt Center near all of the first year residence halls. Make sure you treat yourself to their chocolate chip cookies as a reward for getting through your first week of college!