Tiger Traditions


Despite Trinity’s smaller campus and class sizes, the university has maintained a great abundance of traditions and customs. With a variety of events occurring throughout the year, students can find several ways to celebrate and spread the pride they feel as members of the Trinity community. Here are some of the most anticipated traditions you’ll be able to participate in at Trinity.

Christmas Vespers and Christmas on Oakmont:
For of Trinity’s most beloved traditions, the university celebrates the holiday season on an early December night. The evening begins in the Parker Chapel with Christmas Vespers, featuring performances by the university choirs. Immediately following this gathering, Christmas at Oakmont begins. This is a tradition in which the homes of the university faculty, including the president, are open for participants to visit. Each home offers different foods and drinks for visitors to try, as well as diverse entertainment provided by each homeowner.

Chocolate Festival:
Arranged by the Student Programming Board, Chocolate Fest occurs during the week of Valentine’s Day on the Memorial Coates Esplanade. Each organization on campus is encouraged to bring a chocolate treat for members of the Trinity community. Bring a container to collect as many chocolate goods as possible, and arrive early to beat the crowd!

Fountain Dunk:
At exactly midnight on your birthday, you can expect all of your lovely friends to carry (read: force) you out of the comfort of your room in order to be thrown into Miller Fountain right outside of Northrup Hall. If your friends are nice, they’ll bring a towel or clothes for you, but don’t count on it””they’ll probably be too busy dragging you around to remember!

Tower Climb:
On August 25, the night before classes begin, the members of the university’s newest class are invited to climb the Murchison Tower as a symbol of beginning their new journey at Trinity. As you wait to ascend the stairs, the university also provides an all-campus picnic for every member of the Trinity community to enjoy. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes!

This is a week-long celebration of school spirit during Trinity’s homecoming week. Several events will take place each day to allow students to promote their pride in preparation for the TigerFest Gala, the university homecoming dance that serves as the concluding event of TigerFest.

Midnight Breakfast:
The Monday night before finals begin, make your way to Mabee Dining Hall right at midnight to enjoy a free breakfast!

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