Technology center upgrades name and services

Technology center upgrades name and services

Previously known as the Center for Learning and Technology, Academic Technology (AT) is the new face of technology for student use after merging with Information Technology Services. This program aims to provide technology access to enhance a student’s learning experience by working with faculty and staff to enrich their teaching methods.

Members of AT pursued the transition after they felt that students lacked awareness regarding all the technology available for their use.

“We just want to spread the word and make awareness of all the great resources we have available for student use,” said Kelly Rodriguez, academic technology and media support coordinator.

Technology available to students includes a variety of items. Some of the various resources available include, Philo, HBO GO, DSLR cameras, video cameras and iPads. Technology available to checkout within the lab include headphones, study rooms, 3-D printers and a laser cutter.

AT also offers help to students unfamiliar with technology.

“We provide one-on-one consultations about any of our resources,” said Greg Longoria, director of academic technology.

Another unique feature of AT is its creative spaces.

“Available to students is the Maker Room, where students can create, design and tinker with tech, crafts or software. We also have a flip room, video conference room and media presentation room,” Longoria said.

New technology will also be available for student use for the upcoming school year.

“We were involved in a kickstarter for a 360 camera. We finally have it now, so we’re playing with that before we’re rolling it out into our inventory,” Rodriguez said.

More new technology this year includes an upgraded wireless network in the dorms.

“In the dormitories we’ve gone from 206 wireless access points to 484 access points. This gets better coverage and faster speeds for student utilization,” said Frank Zapata, director and chief information technology officer.

An upgraded network was necessary to accommodate those living on campus, as many students bring at least two or three pieces of technology with them to college. “It was built with the assumption that students now show up with at least  three wireless devices. A majority of the students do not even plug anything in anymore,” Zapata said.

AT can be found on the first floor of Coates Library. The daily hours of operation can be found online.