Tacos El Regio sees support from Trinity

Tacos El Regio sees support from Trinity

About three weeks ago, Trinity students learned that Tacos El Regio, the food truck outside Hardbodies Ladies Club on the N. St. Mary’s strip, lost all their tables. Students have expressed frustration over this sudden change.

“Now when you drive by at night or when you just go and get tacos, you literally see people eating in the dirt. So we’ve put our minds together to determine “˜How is a table really unlawful?’ There’s really just an overreach of governmental power to tell someone [they] can’t have a table outside [their] property. It’s really one of those things “” we don’t think is right, so we’re going to stand up and petition the government,” said Jonah Wendt, sophomore political science major.

This taco truck is a popular eatery for the many late-night patrons of the popular N. St. Mary’s strip.

“The first time I heard about the Taco Truck was in my first year when the members of the debate team took me there. I remember they told me that the taco truck was a mystical place that only existed between the hours of 12 a.m. and 4 a.m., and that, similar to Narnia, it only existed when you were drunk,” said Nathan Rothenbaum, a recent graduate. “I think the lack of outside seating not only sucks because it means that you can’t enjoy yourself, sit down and have an amazing taco, but you also miss out on some amazing interpersonal interactions with the denizens of San Antonio.”

Some Trinity students have since banded together to petition their local councilor to bring back the truck’s tables for comfortable dining.

“We have an online version and a physical version, and we try to get the physical version out into Coates, so people can sign it. And the online version we’ve just been sending the link out [saying], “˜Hey, have your friends sign this.’ The online version has about 40 sign-ups. The physical copy has about 100. We have [the petition] available under the Tigers for Liberty Facebook page. We plugged it in Overhead at Trinity, and we’ll do that one or two more times before we finally send it in,” Wendt said.

Students like Rachel Shepherd, a senior biochemistry major, have been encouraged by the petitions to help the food truck.

“I’m a huge fan of Tacos El Regio. They’re one of the best taco places in the city, and they’re very affordable for the quality of food they provide. I find it worth helping because it is a small business that is being restricted by a ludicrous city law, and small businesses need all the support they can get,” said Shepherd.

The petitions currently have no set date to be sent to city council. Students interested in helping Tacos El Regio are encouraged to sign the digital petition via Facebook.