Best Bar: Faust Tavern


Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

graphic by Alex Parris

Looking for a bar that speaks to the punk, grungy soul inside of you? Faust Tavern calls from the safety of St. Mary’s Strip, tucked away from the street crowds and drowning out the world with alternative rock. Take note — this tavern is not for the faint of heart. The inside bar has limited seats, a small, dark interior and the music blares a bit too loud to have a conversation. The outside area was much more casual, with picnic tables and seats. There’s also Sideshow Kitchen right by the patio, which serves vegan food that has received positive reviews. The drinks here are affordable and fun. The Southern Punch would please any coconut-lover, and the Pimm’s Cup looked and tasted like Galveston Beach (take that how you will). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try the infamous Cucumber Margarita, but there’s always next time. Check out Faust Tavern the next time you want to treat the devil-worshipper inside of you to a good drink.