Best Liquor Store: Don’s and Ben’s


Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Graphic by Alex Parris

Don’s and Ben’s is the ideal liquor store for the discerning college drinker — especially if they’re on a budget. I visited their McCullough location (which is practically walking distance from Trinity’s campus) and found myself pleasantly surprised by their atmosphere and selection. As an experienced liquor store customer — only since my 21st birthday, of course — I can tell you that not all liquor stores are created equal. Don’s and Ben’s has a distinctly friendly vibe, with staff more than willing to help you find that particular bottle you had in mind. Their rotating “Deals of the Week” always features several of the boozy staples and a few unique options. Plus, they’ll give you a discount if you flash your Tiger Card. Even better, they carry several of the more esoteric liquor products that other stores don’t seem to bother stocking. If you can’t find it at your local liquor store, try Don’s and Ben’s.