Where do you see yourself in a decade?

Photos by Kayla Padilla

Arianna Siddiqui, junior political science major

“I want to work for a political consulting firm, so hopefully, I’ll be doing that in D.C.”

Natasha Muppala, senior biochemistry and molecular biology major

“I’m gonna be a pediatrician at a small clinic. Hopefully, I have two kids. No, maybe just one. I’ll be living in the suburbs of Texas with a dog, once I get over my fear of dogs. I’m gonna open up a dance studio on the side or an art center for the kids. It’ll be sweet and stellar.”

Taylor Rountree, sophomore marketing major

“In 10 years I’d like to be the major head of a marketing department for Southwest [Airlines] because I’m interested in what it stands for. I hope to be married with two kids and four dogs and live in a big house with a porch. I want to have enough money to travel, but not enough to where I have excess and I become greedy.”

Emma McMahan, junior international studies major

“In 10 years I see myself working for the FBI or CIA and be promoted to special agent. I want to reside in D.C. or some other major city on the east coast, probably. I want to live in a nice apartment or house and make enough money to have a watch collection.”

Nathaniel Pigott, senior Chinese major

“Likely still alive, according to statistics. I’ll be in Ireland with my cats and I’ll be teaching a class on video essays. I’ll have just started to develop an Irish accent, so when I say something it will sound funny. And I’ll be cold.”

Yelizaveta Vetyuhova, junior political science major

“Hopefully, in 10 years I’ll be living in my own apartment with a small dog, drinking tea every night and making my own food in a big city abroad. I wanna have friends come over and have either a book club or be able to participate in education reform. Growing up in Chicago really showed me how different people’s education can be, even if they’re from the same city. I want to smell nice and sleep on a silk bed.”

Arielle Matic
Arielle Matic, senior psychology major

“Hopefully, in 10 years I am a doctor that will be able to provide a welcoming environment for minorities and people from low-income backgrounds.”

Tryne Vander Straten
Tryne Vander Straten, junior Chinese and anthropology double major

“What I really want to do is be a professor or an academic of some kind because I think it’s really important to reach out to students and people in general about learning.”

Guadalupe Rivera, sophomore sociology and global Latinx studies double major

“In 10 years, I’ll be 29 years old, and hopefully, I’d be having my Ph.D. in sociology, doing research in creating big social movements that will change inequalities in society. I will also be an undercover FBI or CIA agent and try to create change in the government so people can live in equality.”

Culin Peddada
Culin Peddada, undeclared first-year

“I don’t want any money. I want to overthrow the government. I don’t need the fame either. I wanna be an enigma, the more you know me, the less you know me. That’s how I want to operate. I want to live in a peaceful home far away that doesn’t belong to America. I’ll have followers, but I won’t be famous. I don’t want to be Instagram famous; when we overthrow the government we can’t have Instagram. I only want to live with my family and eat spicy food.”