Bop-A-Frog brings hoppiness to campus

Bop-A-Frog brings hoppiness to campus

Take a look behind the scenes of the student-owned squishy stand in Coates
Daniel Itkins, Pulse Reporter September 28, 2023

First-year Olivia Scott decided to take business matters into her own hands by setting up a table in the Coates Student Center (Coates). Her business, Bop-A-Frog, offers Trinity students the opportunity...

Cardiac Hill: The most challenging obstacle at Trinity

Cardiac Hill: The most challenging obstacle at Trinity

Students weigh in on the Murchison-Coates staircase trek
Daniel Itkins, Pulse Reporter September 21, 2023

For students that live in the dorms located on lower campus, the walk to class can be described as a short journey. For others, though, it’s an uphill battle infamously known as “Cardiac Hill.” Here...

Cats, dogs, fish and frogs, oh my!

Cats, dogs, fish and frogs, oh my!

Get to know the furry friends on campus
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 21, 2023

Trinity is home to many species of wildlife. From the well-known Trinicats to the ominous foxes and the not-so-rare rat sighting, the Trinity community embraces animal life. While we may see some critters...

Sidewalk Symposium: Student Fashion

Students share their fashion philosophies outside the Elizabeth Huth Coates Library
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 17, 2023

Lucia Ridlen, sophomore philosophy and economics double-major What’s your overall aesthetic? “I don’t really consider myself to have an aesthetic. It really depends on what I’m feeling day-to-day....

Danna Ramirez Jimenez

Sidewalk Symposium: Faculty fashion

Students weigh in on their professor’s fashion choices ... or lack thereof
Catherine Zarr, Pulse Editor September 15, 2023

Mahira Nooruddin, first-year biology major How do you define fashion? “It’s the appearance that you put out and it kind of matches your persona, and it helps define who you are to people that...

Delta Theta Nu made an appearance at this years Greek Tailgate at the football season kickoff.

There is a Nu sorority on campus

After a long-fought battle, Trinity’s newest multicultural sorority, Delta Theta Nu, emerges
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 15, 2023

Last year, a group of inspired students advocated for the creation of a multicultural sorority on Trinity’s campus. The group sought a sisterhood where members could see themselves in one another. Initially,...

Aiden Potoczniak

Jackpot! Aiden Potoczniak takes on sports, finance and performance

Catherine Zarr, Pulse Editor September 15, 2023

For junior finance major and sport management minor Aiden Potoczniak, sports are more than a hobby or pastime. As a club soccer player and lifelong fan of the game, Potoczniak sees sports as a service,...

Sidewalk Symposium: Coates chaos

Students share their opinions on the new ordering systems in the Coates Student Center.
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 7, 2023

With the new dining change from Aramark to Chartwells, many aspects of the Coates Student Center dining experience have changed. The implementation of touch-screen technology aims to increase efficiency,...

Illustration of a future 2027 yearbook, with a tiger, as well as two previous years books.

Checking in with the class of 2027

Just two weeks in, first-years talk about what they enjoy the most about Trinity.
Arial Baker, Pulse Reporter September 7, 2023

Trinity University’s acceptance rate fell to 28%, the lowest in its history, after welcoming 664 first-year students into the class of 2027. Before arriving on campus, Gaby Nieraeth, first-year intended...

Skyline Scholars
Top from left to right: Hannah Ovalle, Allison Ortiz
Bottom from left to right: Valery Amaya, Sabrina Cinque, Ashley Mattke

Skyline Scholars: Trinity’s renamed summer bridge program

With the renaming of the Summer Bridge Program to Skyline Scholars, Trinity students reflect on their experiences in the past and their hopes for the future
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter September 7, 2023

Each first-year student is placed in a First-Year Experience Course (FYE), with topics ranging from science fiction, social justice, arts and ideas to even Greek and Roman mythology. Each of these FYE...

Remembering Dit and Trinity

Remembering Dit and Trinity

Maggie Enriquez, Guest Columnist September 7, 2023

Dit was one of Trinity’s senior citizens, born sometime around 2005 in a litter of all-black cats. It took her a while to warm up to people, but once she was comfortable, she’d love to get head...

Sidewalk Symposium: Summer internships

Students share their summer internship experiences and key takeaways
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter August 31, 2023

As the semester kicks off, students are eager and excited to be back on campus. Many new and returning faces are adjusting back to university life after different experiences over the summer. Inside Coates...

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