Diwali: A celebration of culture and light.

Diwali: A celebration of culture and light.

Diya Contractor, Pulse Intern October 27, 2022

Like chaotic children, a group of fathers ran giggling with glee across the road. Parents clutched their kids and began muttering their prayers. People had tied dynamite fireworks together, just as they...

Sidewalk Symposium: Favorite dorm snacks

Students share what they like to munch on in their dorm
Lauren Roddis, Pulse Reporter October 20, 2022

In the midst of midterms, the simple pleasure of eating your favorite snack is a necessity. Thus, dorm snacks emerge as the perfect pick-me-up for late night studying, test stressing and everything in...

Decorations in the Richardson Communication Center.

San Antonio’s spooky side

Halloween has taken hold of San Antonio and created a spooky atmosphere for everyone to enjoy
Emily Fisher, Pulse Reporter October 20, 2022

Getting into the Halloween spirit isn’t a difficult task in San Antonio. Whether you're a die-hard fan of horror or more family-friendly spooks, there is definitely an activity for everybody. Trinity...

Just keep swimming: Taking time for self-care

Just keep swimming: Taking time for self-care

Ways to self-care, find positivity during stressful academic times and cultivate motivation
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter October 20, 2022

As midterms wrap up and the number of days left in the semester starts to dwindle, the environment around Trinity may feel something akin to that of a graveyard. This change in energy and pace can often...

Lauren Moysis Dorm Decor

Creating a Home: Decorating Dorms

Trinity Students share their experience of personalizing their dorms with decorations and personal items.
Emily Fisher, Pulse Reporter October 13, 2022

Dorms are at the center of student life. They are the sites where students experience friendships, study sessions and independence. Something many students take pride in is taking their empty dorms and...

Students in the CSI cube studying late at night.

The academic exodus: why are so many students switching out of STEM?

Culture surrounding STEM may be causing students to switch to humanities or social sciences
Ava Gleason, Pulse Editor October 13, 2022

It’s 3 a.m. and all lights on campus are out, except for one building: CSI. CSI, aka Marrs McLean Science Center and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is home to the “hard” sciences...

Retro Cowgirls official residency announcement poster. From left to right: Sophie Connolly, Jonluca Biagini, Lucky Steele, Luis Fiallos, and Luis Garcia.

Retro Cowgirl takes over the Starlighter

The band Retro Cowgirl gives their insight into the band’s residency during the month of October at the Starlighter
Gia Campolo, Photographer / Special Sections Editor October 13, 2022

Every Thursday night during October, Trinity sophomore Sophie Connolly is rocking out at the Starlighter. She is part of a San Antonio band called Retro Cowgirl, and for the month of October, they are...

Matriculation, majors and … marriage?

Matriculation, majors and … marriage?

Trinity students share the stories of how they met, got engaged and finally married
Ava Gleason, Pulse Editor October 6, 2022

The bells of Murchison Tower aren’t the only ones ringing on Trinity’s campus. Wedding bells can be heard as love blossoms and couples get engaged or married, often near the end of their senior year....

Shifting to thrifting

Shifting to thrifting

Thrift stores in San Antonio captivate the public to enjoy thrifting, while being environmentally friendly
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter October 6, 2022

Thrifting has become a trend among many individuals in the past few years, especially those in younger generations. The vintage, affordable, aesthetic and second-hand use appeal of the practice has led...

Where you study and what it says about you

Where you study and what it says about you

Are you more of a second floor library type or a CSI studier?
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter October 6, 2022

Trinity’s campus offers many niche and comforting study spaces for any type of student. Some prefer sitting outside on the lawn, some prefer a more social setting in Coates Student Center and others...

Audrey Stewart stewards the library and much more

Audrey Stewart stewards the library and much more

Stewart likes being a jack of all trades and finds joy in “happy little Fridays”
Lauren Roddis, Pulse Reporter October 6, 2022

Audrey Stewart is fascinated by a little bit of everything. She originally wanted to be an architect, then a publisher or editor, then a teacher, and now she finds herself as Trinity’s digital technologies...

Andie Hadley and Karishma Bhakta

Student highlights: tattoos, henna and piercings

Trinity students share their body modifications and explain the stories behind them
Gia Campolo, Special Sections Editor September 29, 2022

College is a time to try new things and find new ways to express yourself. Tattoos are a great accessory and can hold memories that will last forever. More temporary options, like henna and piercings,...

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