Themed halls through the years

Themed halls through the years

Noelle Barrera February 27, 2019

While you might be familiar with Trinity’s current themed halls — HOPE Hall, Entrepreneurship Hall and Swashbucklers spring to mind — you might not know about some of the themed halls...

Swashbucklers prepare to scare

Swashbucklers prepare to scare

Noelle Barrera October 26, 2018

Haunted house attractions such as 13th Floor and Ripley's Haunted Adventure are popular in San Antonio, however, the most frightening haunted house is right on Trinity's campus. Every year, the Swashbucklers,...

photo provided by Sarah McIntyre

It’s not really a pirate’s life for Swashbucklers

Maggie Lupo February 26, 2018

Very few people enter college thinking they’re going to be a pirate. Luckily, Trinity University, as a true liberal arts institution, provides its students with that possibility. Pirates at Trinity...

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