Introducing Tigers for the Pursuit of Happiness


Tigers for the Pursuit of Happiness has officially been recognized as a registered student organization (RSO.) The group has joined the ranks of other RSOs on campus, like Tigers for Life and Tigers for Liberty, and has planned a series of events to commemorate their official status.

As of publication, the group has twelve members and is advised by Will Smith, visiting professor of freshness from Bel-Air College.

“We just felt like something was missing on campus. I mean, there’s Tigers for Life, for Liberty. All that was missing was the representation of the pursuit of happiness,” Smith said. “It was unconstitutional.”

According to senior Kit Cutty, president of Tigers for the Pursuit of Happiness, the group has been trying to become an RSO since 2014.

“We’ve been trying to achieve this thing for ages,” Cutty said. “We’ve met unofficially for a while, but we’ve never been an official group, so that’s cool. There’s a certain unalienable right to creating an RSO as a student, and for some reason, the administration didn’t get that until now.”

Cutty explained that she realized the need for a group like Tigers for the Pursuit of Happiness her first semester on campus.

“I mean, I was going to Tigers for Liberty meetings, Tigers for Life meetings, and something just felt off,” Cutty said. “They’re great groups, don’t get me wrong, but the two don’t fulfill what this campus needs. That’s why I started Tigers for the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Tiger for the Pursuit of Happiness logo. graphic by art majors everywhere

Junior Tomi S. Jofferson is the group’s party planner. She is also the one who planned the series of events that will celebrate their RSO status.

“I actually wrote our charter and stuff, but I also create our parties,” Jofferson said. “We have lots of cool stuff coming up that I think students and professors will really like.”

Jon Hancook, a sophomore member of the group, said he initially joined the group because a friend was in it, but has had a great experience with it.

“Yeah, I kinda just signed on, but I didn’t really do anything big with the group,” Hancook said. “There was like, this sign-up sheet during a Student Involvement fair, and I guess I signed it really big or something because they told me they thought I was really interested and eager. So, yeah, here I am.”

When asked if he would participate in the party planning, Hancook said he doesn’t have much to offer, but is excited to attend.

“Yeah, I think they want me to create a couple of posters since I have big handwriting,” Hancook said. “But I think that’s all I’ll do in terms of putting my name out there.”

More information about the events will be released when they are finalized. For more information about join Tigers for the Pursuit of Happiness, contact Kit Cutty.

This is a work of satirical fiction produced for the 2018 issue of the Trinibonian.