What self-care method should you try according to your sign?


Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Aries: Work out

Dear fire sign, what do you have all that extra energy for? You need to burn it off by doing something to tire you out. Go on a run, bike, slap some punching bags, go crazy! We only have a free gym for these few short years.

Taurus: Buy some clothes

You’re always one to appreciate beauty and material pleasures, so buy that shirt that you’ve been eyeing for a while. It’s been hanging on the shelf in that store for days now, and honestly, you deserve it. Go use that credit card (responsibly).

Gemini: Start a new show

You like being alone and you enjoy routine. Break that routine and start something new. It’s autumn! Which means that new shows are in abundance. It’s difficult having to choose just one, so make a list of everything you’re interested in and start going in order.

Cancer: Comfort food

Don’t overindulge yourself, Cancer. But if it takes a bowl of hot, spicy pad thai to make you relax and feel better, then maybe you should order some. You don’t have to surround yourself by people all the time to de-stress, so get some take-out and go back home.

Leo: Go to happy hour

You recharge by being social and surrounding yourself by your friends. Nothing gets your mood up like being the center of attention (which isn’t always a bad thing!) and nothing helps this more than a bit of liquid luck and some cheap apps.

Virgo: Swear

With your analytical thought process and a need for control, let go for once. Stop being uptight, and curse when you’re mad! Say those curse words you forbid yourself from saying — your parents aren’t around to hear it!

Libra: Face masks

I get it, being the indecisive one is very stressful. The only source of your indecisiveness should be deciding which face mask you want to try, and this time, you can’t be neutral. Lather on that homemade mask you just googled and enjoy your lack of choices.

Scorpio: Cry

Honestly, even an emo baby deserves to peacefully let out unreleased tensions. You process your emotions the best when you’re alone, so why not make the most of it and cry it out?

Sagittarius: Burn some incense

What’s your favorite scent? Floral? Fruity? Spicy? Have you smelled the scent of smoky sandalwood and jasmine? Lie down, light some incense and watch the smoke trails disappear in the comfort of your own room.

Capricorn: Go to sleep

The only way to stop your mind from racing with a million theories at once is to shut it off. Close those curtains, turn on those fairy lights and take the nap you don’t think you deserve. Your ambitions and constant self-control can be overwhelming, but maybe people don’t need to hear your perspective for a minute.

Aquarius: Cook something

Close all those tabs of your Wikipedia conspiracy rabbit hole and go get what you really want to eat by making it yourself! You love sharing information you learn, so let your social independence shine through and invite some friends over to have a potluck, where you can tell them about your favorite foods or your Google search history.

Pisces: Blast sad music in your car

The overemotional crybaby (allegedly!), you need to express your overly complex emotions before they build up too much. The drive down Devine Road through Olmos Basin is very calming and lasts about the length of one song, so pick your sad song of choice wisely, roll down the windows and enjoy the scenery!