The story of Vietnamese people and nail salons runs deeper than a comedy skit

The story of Vietnamese people and nail salons runs deeper than a comedy skit

The beginning of the Vietnamese entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to the 1970s
Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist April 9, 2021

Most Americans recognize Tippi Hedren for her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film “The Birds” — but among the Vietnamese American community, her reputation is for something a little...

Memes: Meaningless jokes or something more?

Memes: Meaningless jokes or something more?

The seemingly unimportant joke format allows us to process current events
Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist March 20, 2021

How often do you look at memes? Do you seek them out? Do you share them? Do you ever create your own? I’m sure you know the answer more than anyone else, but have you ever wondered who created the memes...


Life is a bowl of noodles

Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist January 28, 2021

Are you really a college student if you haven’t sat, staring at your dinner consisting of a bowl of ramen noodles while you contemplate the meaning of life? Before even making ramen noodles there are...

You are what you eat: Looking at Vietnamese food as preservation of culture

You are what you eat: Looking at Vietnamese food as preservation of culture

Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist January 25, 2021

When I was six, I would walk across the street every Saturday morning towards metal carts with pots of steaming broth, fresh noodles, warm baguettes and fragrant herbs. Greeting the vendor with a familiar...

Dreams Talk: Should We Share Them?

Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist January 9, 2021

I had a friend who tried hard to remember more of his dreams. He would write them down and then tell people about them. He stopped, though, because it started interfering with his social life. Because...

Learning a new language as a reflection of yourself

Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist December 30, 2020

Pianos. Bikes. Mattresses. Cameras. Glasses. These are all inventions that were created with the benefit of language. Language seems so intimate to us and visceral to our life experiences. Indeed, it is...

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

The New American Expat Generation: At the Bottom of My Suitcase

Mai Vo November 12, 2020

illustration by Gracen Hoyle When it comes to the term “expatriate,” many people differ on the definition. For me, it was the simple idea of not missing out on my chance to live life as fully as...

Photo credit: Ren Rader

Don’t let the camera eat first, or second

Mai Vo October 27, 2020

illustrations by Ren RaderI find myself asking the same question when going out with friends: Is Instagram influencing how we eat?There are few relationships that have become as inexorably intertwined...

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Coping with Comedy: Eh-eh-everybody gets that way

Mai Vo October 14, 2020

illustration by Gracen HoyleEverybody is having those days right now, and for the foreseeable future, we still have many of those days to come. Despite how cringe-worthy that opening might have been, it...

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Finding A Sense Of Normalcy Through Dressing Up

Mai Vo September 23, 2020

illustration by Gracen HoyleWhen I packed up and went to my roommate’s house for spring break in Houston, I mostly gathered my comfiest loungewear — big sweaters, worn-in T-shirts and ratty...

Photo credit: Ren Rader

Scoring Romance

Mai Vo August 27, 2020

Illustration by Ren Rader A great film score elevates the best parts of a film without distracting the viewer as the story unfolds. Movies with great music can grab us with one particular song, a timeless...

Photo credit: Corrin Mccullough

Tyra Mail: In defense of reality TV

Mai Vo April 25, 2019

illustration by Corrin McCulloughOver the winter break, I made an unforgivably contemptible choice: I decided to start watching all 24 seasons of “America’s Next Top Model.”It might seem...

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